Accumulator clamps

Accumulator clamps are used to safely mount hydraulic accumulators. MPC Clamps, Inc. has over 35 years of experience in designing and manufacturing mounting clamps and brackets for hydraulic accumulators.

In addition to hydraulic accumulators, MPC also offers mounting brackets for gas tanks, air tanks, cylinders, pipes and more. Do not hesitate to inquire about a custom product. At MPC we are more than happy to find a solution for you.


  • Cold rolled carbon steel (AISI-SAE 1010)
  • Cold rolled stainless steel (AISI-SAE 316)
  • Other materials upon your request


  • Standard diameter range 3" to 10"
  • Other diameters and sizes upon your request


  • High quality, resistant spot welding (RSW)
  • Includes rubber cushioning and hardware


  • Zinc plated
  • Pickled and passivated
  • Other finishes upon your request


  • Extremely safe: upper clamp half connects straight to the mounting bracket instead of the lower clamp half. This ensures that the accumulator is secure at all times.


  • Single bolt type
  • Double bolt type
  • Other types upon your request
  • Rounded steel eliminates sharp edges