About us

At MPC Clamps, Inc. we believe in uniting. This is done through our product, as well as through our company vision:

Unite: Know each other. Why would a business relation be any different from a relation with friends? Unite the world and its exciting cultures.

Nurture: Support and encourage others.

Innovate: Product, service and organization. Make sure it has a huge positive impact on people.

Transfer knowledge: Help others to get better with what you have learned. Keep your mind open.

Excel in what you do: Grow to be the best in your area of expertise and suprise others with it.


MPC Clamps, Inc. binds together. Our clamps are market leaders. Although our clamps are often invisible, they are still indispensable. Our clamps secure hoses, ducts, pipes and cylinders practically everywhere we look; from hydraulic accumulators to cars, from vacuum cleaners to gas cylinders . All of our products answer a question or solve a problem, always ensuring a steel-strong business link.

MPC Clamps, Inc. is a flexible partner of its clients and a knowledgeable expert when assistance is needed. Your question or wish is the starting point of designing improved clamps and better services. Outstanding and reliable quality are linked to openness and flexibility. Innovation offers security and reliability. The design of your ideal clamp is built on decades of experience.

MPC Clamps, Inc. links countries and cultures. We operate subsidiaries in seven countries with our employees representing nearly 20 different nationalities. Rather than representing a company together, we form one big family. The love of our profession and our common goal binds us together: achieving the satisfaction of our clients through perfect clamps and outstanding service quality.